Venue Resources

Winnipeg venues need help right now, and The WPG Magazine is hoping to be able to fill in some of the gaps that COVID-19 (and the entire year of 2020, really) has created. We are here for you! We know that you, as a venue, are trying to do everything you can to be there for Winnipeggers, and that’s awesome. We also know that it’s very hard out there right now. It’s not easy at the best of times, to be honest, but now more than ever it is a constant struggle to get people in the door, maintain social distance, keep costs down, and somehow continue to pay the dang rent!

What do venues get for FREE?

FREE Accounts

We don’t charge ANYONE for an account, whether they’re a venue that is looking to list their events, or a user looking to find something to do tonight (or next week), signing up is FREE.

FREE Event Listings

With the FREE account, anyone can list unlimited events on the site, without pesky “upgrade now” messages or tricky hidden fees for features. Seriously, listing events is FREE. For Real.

FREE Booking Management

If your event has a limited capacity, we can help maintain your numbers. Simply add a booking section to the event and allow The WPG to manage who’s coming. Set your max capacity and we’ll handle it.

FREE Featured Events

We will choose the coolest sounding events to FEATURE in our listings and apply the coveted “FEATURED” tag beside your event name! So make sure you make your event description captivating and fun!

FREE Ticket Sales

Let The WPG Magazine sell tickets for you. You get 100% of the value requested (so it’s FREE to you) and your patrons pay less in fees than with other ticket selling services.

FREE Technical Support

If you have any issues with any of your venue’s events, advertisements, your venue listing page, or any other facet of the site, we will help you solve the problem for FREE.

What other services are available?

Affordable Ads

Get the word out! The WPG Magazine offers ad space for sale at extremely reasonable prices. Get in touch with us today to receive information regarding ad packages and their respective low costs!

Venue Network Listing

For a small monthly fee (or FREE if your venue buys the full ad package) we will create you a beautiful venue information page which can act as a digital business card for your venue.

Book a meeting or video call

Click the button below to book a 1 hour meeting with Mark Adam, Operations Manager. You can choose to meet via Google Meet video call, standard phone call, or even in person (if you’re comfortable with in-person meetings, that is). You’re only a few short clicks away from learning how The WPG Magazine can help you enhance whatever services your venue already provides, while cutting some costs at the same time.