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Valour FC Looks For Revenge On York
Valour FC is in full control of this league. With 15 points, the Winnipeg-based club has been turning heads and shocking analysts across the country.
The LZ Sports Show (Jul 18, 2021)
We review the year in NHL time, discuss Valour FC's destruction of the CPL thus far, and have a few spirited debates thrown in there.
Valour FC Dominate Athletico Ottawa
Ask any soccer expert in this country expert and they’ll tell you that Valour topping the table is an absolute shock. With their 12 points in 5 games heading into today's match, they were in …
Valour FC Back On Top
It was a scorcher out there on this day. The heat situation was made worse by a complete lack of a breeze, plus direct sunlight on the pitch, as if the 32°C temperature wasn’t enough …
Return Of The Trench
York United has yet to win a match. On this day, they would be hoping to knock off the undefeated hosts and drag themselves away from the bottom of the table.
The LZ Sports Show (Mini-Episode)
Here's a short video of WPG Sports Coordinator, Mark Adam, interviewing Raphael Ohin and Rob Gale after July 3rd's Valour FC match vs Athletico Ottawa.
Valour FC Sit Alone Atop The Table
Valour hoped to be the first team this season to win three consecutive games, which would also make it the first time in franchise history that they would have done so.
Andrew “The Beast” Jean-Baptiste
If you want to win championships, regardless of the sport, you need a strong defence. In October 2020, Valour Football Club took the first step toward a strong spine for the new season. The club …