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Episode #39 – 90s Nostalgia PaRANTing

Poor decisions, questionable piercings and 90s TV shows… what a great episode line-up!  Right? Mark Adam and Katie G are feeling nostalgic and a little disturbed reminiscing the “good old days”. Top Tweets: @fnlau and @lisaxy424 Website/Shop: Twitter: Instagram: Twitch: Facebook: YouTube:
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About The PaRANTing Podcast

“This podcast is about kids, but by no means should you let them listen.”

A podcast about parenting and our world with kids in it. Sarcastic, irreverent, and ridiculous. Hosted by Mark Adam and Katie G.

Join our hosts as they rant on and on about the joys, trials, tribulations, ups, downs, and other words that describe how complicated parenthood can be.

Parents love their kids, but that doesn’t make raising them any easier, does it?

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