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Episode #20 – Parents Have Feelings? PaRANTing

This week, Mark Adam and Katie G provide a brief update on their respective COVID-19 situations in Winnipeg and Halifax. They also discuss how difficult grocery shopping (and going out in public in general) is with kids at different ages and how we, as parents, try to keep our shit together and not cry in the middle of an aisle. Mark Adam gives us an example of how a simple question from his daughter was totally devastating and how kids innocently ask us or tell us things that completely bring us back down to earth and flare up those lingering insecurities we all have. Having an ego while raising kids is almost impossible. Halloween is just around the corner and our hosts discuss how they are approaching the holiday during the pandemic. Katie G gives some tips on doing a Halloween themed scavenger hunt rather than the typical door-to-door asking strangers for candy. — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
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“This podcast is about kids, but by no means should you let them listen.”

A podcast about parenting and our world with kids in it. Sarcastic, irreverent, and ridiculous. Hosted by Mark Adam and Katie G.

Join our hosts as they rant on and on about the joys, trials, tribulations, ups, downs, and other words that describe how complicated parenthood can be.

Parents love their kids, but that doesn’t make raising them any easier, does it?

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