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Episode 89 – Mike (Circus Rhapsody) Its A Music Thing

On this episode I have the chance to talk to the bass player and singer from Berlin's own Circus Rhapsody. We get into growing up in Germany and going to shows as well as travel back through his musical history and how Circus Rhapsody came to be. They have a brand new album out now entitled "Just Kidding" on Mannequin Vanity Records. Thank you to The Sorels for providing us with our intro. They have a new 7 inch out and you should probably own it. Also big thank you to THE WPG for welcoming IAMT into their podcast community. THE WPG should be your go to website for all events (that will hopefully be going on again soon) in Winnipeg. Our sponsors Dusty Wax Records have been busy at work securing a new release AND they still have some of their Guttermouth re-releases available. Make sure you are following them on all their socials so you do NOT miss out on anything. 
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About It’s A Music Thing Podcast

It’s A Music Thing is a podcast that is released on a weekly basis. I talk to folks from all around the world who in some way are connected to the music scene.

I don’t focus on just artists. Instead, I like to turn the mic on those people who work behind the scenes as well. Be it a sound tech, lighting tech, tour manager or maybe one day it will be a person who cleans up the venue after all the fun has been had. I love learning about what people do and how they make the music industry go.

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