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The Haunted History Of Winnipeg Tunnels Part 1 Giving up the Ghost

The Haunted History of Winnipeg Tunnels It’s finally here!!!! The episode we all have been awaiting for!!! Fact: Winnipeg is built on top an extensive system of tunnels, walkways and steam ducts…..well,… downtown anyway. Jas and Sher, your audio curators discuss the history and of course the Hauntings that have been legend in this town. However, there is so much to discuss! However, with time, many knowledgeable persons who had firsthand information on the topic and specifics have now departed. So the Ladies are striving to keep the stories alive and try to find out what they can. This week is Part 1 of many parts to follow. Today’s episode will focus on the CN Rain/Union Station tunnels that go to The Forks, The Gentleman’s Club and The Fort Garry Hotel; as well as the Law Courts, Vaughan St Jail and The Legislature Building. Join us as we learn and discovery the forgotten Winnipeg underground world and essentially an Ant Farm beneath our feet. ****CONTEST ALERT*** EXCLUSIVE LISTENER CONTEST. Listen for the Code word in this week’s episode brought to you by our new Sponsor PoCo Inspired Stay safe & Stay at homeFor more information on our podcast, or if you have a story to share or would like to just get in touch with us, shoot us an email at givinguptheghostpodcast@gmail.comPlease check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Show us the Ghost Love & Tell a friend and follow/like/share our pages with the cool kids – there’s no pressure like peer pressure!Winnipeg’s FIRST and ONLY Paranormal Podcast.
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Podcasting LIVE from one of the MOST haunted cities located DEAD-center in North America – Winnipeg, MB Canada. Join us as we explore the unknown!

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Each week we will cover, explore, and share our research of unexplained paranormal phenomena in Winnipeg and surrounding areas! Join your Audio Curators Jas and Sherrie as they discover the dark side of local history, urban legends and their haunting origins as well as everything that goes bump in the night. Are you afraid of the dark? well, you should be.

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