The Limelight Karaoke Bar


The Limelight Karaoke Bar
The Limelight Karaoke Bar, 531 St Mary's Rd, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2M 3L3, Canada


June 18, 2020


9:00 pm



Live Band Karaoke/Jam Night ft. The Next Best Thing

We’ve always known you were a ROCKSTAR, now is your chance to PROVE IT!

Come take the spotlight at live band karaoke with The Next Best Thing backing you up! 🎶 🔥

Like normal karaoke we have a list you can choose from! Keep in mind we’re humans and not machines, our list will be a nice curated selection of classic karaoke songs and we will have words printed out if you need, or feel free to look them up on your phone!

However don’t want to exclude instrument players! If you want to come up and play your own song with the band, that’s totally cool! We’ll make it a jam 🎸🪕

There will be a $5 reverse cover, with that you get a microphone cover and a drink ticket (alcohol or mock-tail).
Everyone’s safety is our first priority, it will be strictly table service, you must sanitize your hands before entering the room, you have to use your own personal mic cover when singing and the mic and stand will be sanitized after every use!