July 25, 2020


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm




Family Friendly

Bring Your Own Mic Online Concert Series feat. Micah Erenberg

The West End Cultural Centre is pleased to announce a new concert series called ‘Bring Your Own Mic’. This ticketed, livestream concert series will present the best of Manitoba Music from the WECC stage for our audiences to watch online. The first show will take place on June 27th at 7pm and features Red Moon Road.
We at the West End Cultural Centre understand the restrictions and complications that came with Covid-19. We were heartbroken to have to reschedule and cancel dozens of events on our spring & summer and even into our fall Calendar. However, we remain steadfast in our mandate to support local artists and bring great music to audiences in our community.
We have watched the rise of live-streaming and how it has allowed artists to stay connected with their fans. At the same time, we also realize that live-streaming is complicated for artists to use as a source of revenue. As we watch other industries slowly return to work, and we are acutely aware that the live music industry will be one of the last to go back to what we called normal. So we must adapt and change.
So we’re asking music listeners, from Manitoba abroad, to join us for ‘Bring Your Own Mic’, a series of ticketed, live-streamed concerts by select Manitoba artists brought to our audiences through an accessible $2 paywall and streamed on Vimeo. The funds will go to artists in the same way they do when you attend an “in person” show. Each concert will be produced by the the West End’s skilled technicians; all Manitoba labour, and we are essentially turning the WECC into a television studio. “We are working to give audiences as close of an in-person show experience as we can” says WECC Artistic Coordinator Jorge Requena Ramos. “We knew that there was a way to do live-streaming right for both artists and audiences. We just had to figure out how.”
At the WECC the safety of our patrons, performers, staff, and volunteers is one of our main priorities. For each livestream, we are ensuring performers arrive to a clean and already set up stage (and yes, as the concert series title suggests, we are asking them to bring their own microphones). The live stream will be produced by our in-house team With a minimal crew, we are still able to present a high-quality shows while still practicing appropriate social distancing.
Micah Erenberg is lifting his listeners into a sphere of delicate fulfillment, painting loneliness as a universal craving for human connection over his narratives of getting sober, rain soaked mornings and searching for something bigger than ourselves.
The hardest thing to say is how you feel because then it becomes real. While Canada’s Micah Erenberg knows the risk in wearing your heart on your sleeve, the 26-year-old understands the importance of a shared experience. One that can make someone feel brighter, understood, less alone. LOVE IS GONNA FIND YOU is the songwriter’s highly anticipated second album, set to be released on October 4th, via Sleepless Records.
Growing up in the very rural Manitoba, Erenberg gravitated towards music as a curious endeavour around the age of 9 when he first picked up a guitar. That soon turned into writing and recording and inevitably, tours followed and numerous band projects continued until, at the age of 20, he set out to do his own thing. Going it alone has allowed him to express an overlying message of love and positivity through his work and it’s on LOVE IS GONNA FIND YOU that Erenberg has truly found his groove.
‘Bring Your Own Mic’ Online Concert Series
Featuring Micah Erenberg
Saturday, July 25 th at 7pm
Tickets – $2.00
Tickets available through Eventbrite
Livestreamed on Vimeo