At The WPG Magazine we very much like to support local. In no way do we practice that more than our support of local charities. Those in need right here in our own city need our support and we want to stand up and provide that to them. Putting our own local causes first allows us to help build this project into more than just a website… we’re building up a community. We ask you to consider donating through our site!

Winnipeg Harvest

Now more than ever, Winnipeg Harvest is helping people in Winnipeg who don’t have enough food to get by. Join our efforts to combat hunger in this city by selecting Winnipeg Harvest as your charity of choice.


1JustCity actively loves the underloved.

1JustCity is where people go to belong, to be accepted, to get a hug and experience love and to gain the means to build a better life.

1JustCity’s work supports over 1000 individuals weekly and is focused on four pillars;

  1. loving the underloved
  2. working toward reconciliation
  3. growing individual capacity
  4. building inclusive communities

Tip Your Teacher/Host

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