Win a FREE Massage


TBD50 Active Users
TBD50 Active Users
TBD100 Active Users
TBD100 Active Users


You could win a FREE 1-Hour Massage from the amazing people over at IEmZen Family Massage. Our current targets are once the Winnipeg Local Discord Server (WiLDS) reaches 50 active users*, and when it reaches 100 active users*. The winners will be selected randomly from the active users* in the server. The prizes will be given out individually, not as a bundle.


Details on how to enter can be found on The WPG Magazine’s Facebook or Instagram pages or below:


  1. Join the Winnipeg Local discord server. []

  2. Agree to the server rules by clicking the ✅ checkmark in the #rules channel. (This will give you the “Verified” user role on the server.)

  3. Post a message in any channel on the server.

  4. (Optional) Invite others to the server (to reach the target tiers faster).

*The definition of an "active user" is provided in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS below.


  1. This giveaway is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Discord, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

  2. This giveaway is run by WPGMag Online (operating name “The WPG Magazine”) and all prizes are paid for or organized by the aforementioned company.

  3. An “active user” is defined as an individual that has;
    1. created a Discord account;
    2. joined the Winnipeg Local Discord Server (WiLDS);
    3. been assigned the “Verified” role (this role is assigned automatically when a user agrees to the WiLDS rules by clicking on the checkmark at the bottom of the rules post in the #rules channel), and;
    4. posted at least one message in any channel on the server within the last 30 days.

  4. Our current target tiers are:
    1. 50 active users, and;
    2. 100 active users.

  5. Once a target tier is reached, 2 names will be randomly selected to receive prizes.

  6. The contest will run;
    From: 00:01 CST, September 10, 2021
    Until: the WiLDS reaches the provided target tier.

    Only users who joined within the target tier will be considered in the draws.

  7. Entrants must be above the age of 18 years old and be residents of the province of Manitoba, Canada.

  8. No purchase is necessary to participate.

  9. Winners will be chosen randomly and announced in the WiLDS’ #contests channel.

    Winners will be selected randomly using a random number and letter generator to create coordinates that correspond with a grid of all contestants’ names.

    The selection process will continue until all prizes have been assigned to winners.

    A user may not win more than once per target tier, but may win multiple times so long as their name is selected at different target tiers.

  10. In order to claim the prize, the winner must be able to attend their session at IEmZen Family Massage, 156 Sherbrook Street, Winnipeg MB, R3C2B4. The scheduling of the winner’s appontment will be handled by IEmzen Family Massage, directly.

  11. A list of the winners will be posted at and winners will be expected to contact us via email at to accept their prize.

    Once announced, the winners will have 30 days to contact The WPG Magazine to claim their prize. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the prize.

  12. By participating, contestants are signifying that they agree to, and accept, all of the above terms and conditions.