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Business Name: Made by Daniboii
Website: - COMING SOON!
Established: 2022

Questions answered by: Danielle Bonot-Schmidt 

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Can you please fully explain your business or product line?

Made by Daniboii is a sustainable handmade clothing brand that makes clothing for the misfits of the world. We want them to feel safe to express themselves in a world where being different can be scary.

We take old/unwanted clothing, manipulate the fabric, and create it into something new. We also use remnant and deadstock fabrics from designers or fabric stores. 

Sustainability is a big part of the brand, however, it’s not the main focus…it should really be the norm. Our identity focuses on authenticity and individuality. Most of our pieces are statement pieces and are something that you may never see twice.

With the Winnipeg local maker community continuing to grow, what is the most important thing you’d like potential customers of your company to know?

People who are making & experimenting with upcycling clothing or creating by hand are, in my opinion, going to be the ones leading luxury streetwear in the future. There are way too many fast fashion and similarly manufactured brands out there that people are now dying to see some authenticity in a brand; small creators are the gateway to the future of streetwear. 

That is why it is important to support small businesses and creators as much as possible. The fashion industry is still a business and money needs to be made in order to keep us creating. Winnipeg has grown its fashion industry quite a lot in the past couple of years. We have a very diverse & talented community which I think is often overlooked because it’s just “Winnipeg”. I think there are going to be a few of us that will make it big in the industry in the coming years.

What inspired you to start your business?

From a young age, I always knew I wanted a business. I didn’t know what kind, but I knew I was going to work for myself. I’m a very creative person and I love to break rules…this isn’t always good when you work for others! I tried art school and dropped out because I wanted to make art that sends a message or affects someone’s everyday life. 

I always used my body as a canvas to express myself. A woman’s silhouette and women, in general, are just so beautiful and I’ve always been fascinated by the body from an artistic view. So I finally said, “let’s get into fashion!”

I went to fashion school in Los Angeles at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) just before Covid hit, but had to come home when it got bad, so I did online courses for a bit before taking a break. During that break, I decided to just start something myself and though I wanted to finish fashion school, I wanted to learn in person and that felt like it wasn’t going to happen for a while.

I had a bit of encouragement from a friend to start while Reclothify really supported me and continues to support me to this day! I work two other jobs to be able to afford to do this and one person sewing a whole collection takes a lot of time. 

Advanced equipment is also very helpful but very expensive, so pretty much all of the money I make goes to newer and higher-quality equipment so I can make high-quality garments.

What was the biggest struggle you’ve had to overcome?

My biggest struggle is time management. I am the bookkeeper, the social media manager, the seamstress, the model, the creative director, and the accountant. Along with that, I work full-time and sometimes two other part-time jobs. It’s a grind and extremely difficult to be creative when you just want to sleep, but I’ve learned to prioritize rest & recovery, which helps me in the long run. 

My goal is to be able to quit all of my jobs and live off the business but that takes time. I’m totally ready to do whatever it takes because it makes me happier than anything in the world.

What has been your biggest success as a maker?

My biggest success is probably being able to have my corsets sold in three different locations. It gives me life sometimes when I walk into Reclothify, Collab Shop, or PYT and I see my stuff hanging. It reminds me that all of the work I do is working and is worth it. There are way more successes to come…this is just the beginning!

Do you have any advice that you would pass on to someone hoping to start up their own business or product line?

My biggest piece of advice is just to start. I know that sounds a little obvious but when you think too much about how you want your brand to look and if your skills are good enough, your brand isn’t going to be authentic to yourself. You don’t have to do it the same way as everyone else! Pave your own way and try not to care what people think because no matter what you do, there’s always going to be someone that doesn’t like you or what you do. 

Obviously, be realistic and take calculated risks but being human is okay and you don’t have to make it perfect at the beginning. Trial & error is the biggest learning tool and as long as you’re passionate about it, you should have no problem succeeding in it.

Please share any upcoming events as well as the best place(s) for people to purchase your product!

At the end of January 2023, I will be dropping my first fully independent collection on my website as well as Depop and ASOS Marketplace! More popups will be coming after that and I will continue to make products with Reclothify.

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