Live-Action Roleplay in Winnipeg: Misthaven

Local live-action roleplay group UnderworldLARP – Guildhouse Misthaven is making it easy for Manitobans to escape reality and take on a new persona for a whole weekend at a time. You can read a little more about them in our story about Winnipeg Comiccon, and you can watch the whole conversation here or listen on your favourite podcast platform.

Episode Description

Coltin Day and Daniel Johnston are co-guildmasters of a live-action roleplay organization called “UnderworldLARP – Guildhouse Misthaven.” They explain how Winnipeggers can get involved in the LARP community here in town, and they give a few details about how their rule set works. If you love role-playing games, this episode is for you. 

– Guildhouse Misthaven Facebook Group: 

– Guildhouse Misthaven Discord Server: 

– The Winterpeg Report:

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