Local Author Bre Krahn Pens Kids Book

Cover Art for Honest Holly.

Local author Bre Khran wants to teach your children about bullying, misconceptions, and friendship through her self-published book, Honest Holly.

The story’s titular character, Holly, is a raccoon. Mimicking real racial stereotypes, the character Todd says, “all raccoons lie and steal.” This coming from the fox, of all people?! (Kidding…)

In all seriousness, the lesson is very clear. My children (7 and 9) were able to explain the concept back to me after reading the story just once, and they asked to read it again afterwards.

Part of what makes the book so alluring to the kids is the beautiful artwork by illustrator Milan Samadder. The pictures are full, vividly colourful, and fun. My kids would stop me from turning the page just to admire the pictures and point out each character.

Illustration by Milan Samadder.

Honest Holly is Krahn’s first self-published work, and it speaks to the hearts of children whose views on stereotyping are just forming. Since racism and bigotry still run so rampant in today’s society, it’s nice to see yet another tool in teachers’ and parents’ war chests to combat the hatred. It’s a nice bonus that this particular tool is something the kids will want to pick up.

A fantasy writer at heart, Krahn recently discovered an enthusiasm for writing children’s books. While she’s been writing since a very early age, she only began her professional pursuit of this talent in early 2021.

This book can be found locally at Toad Hall Toys and online by a quick google search, but if you want to support the author and The WPG Magazine, you can order through our Amazon Associates link.

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