Paul Little: Local Renaissance Man

Some people are just built differently. Paul Little isn’t out here bench pressing cars or anything like that, but he will still blow your mind when you see how many hats he wears and how well he handles it. The arts in Winnipeg need more people like Paul… people willing to get into the trenches and either find or create opportunities for the many talented artistic folks of this fine city.

Episode Description

Mark Adam is joined by modern renaissance man Paul Little. Little is the Artistic Director for The Purple Room, one of many people in charge of CaRaVaN Open Mic & Stage, and Editor/Writer/Designer of Showbiz Monkeys. Paul tells some delightful stories about his work here in Winnipeg, and how he ended up at the Oscars shooting videos and more with the guys from Lonely Island. This man has done a lot of things in his life. Have a listen.

The Purple Room:
CaRaVaN Open Mic + Stage:
Showbiz Monkeys:

The Winterpeg Report:


While you are here, check out this glorious video (as mentioned in today’s episode) of Paul Little “interviewing” Jorma & Chez in Los Angeles in 2008.

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