Local DJ Trying To Keep Business Alive During Pandemic

With the lockdowns ever-changing in their execution, many small business owners are struggling to find their way through a very tough economic time. Drew Spades, owner and operator of New Spades Sound & Entertainment, is in that particular boat, so The Winterpeg Report’s host, Mark Adam, sat down with him to discuss what he does, why he thinks that is important and worth saving, and how the pandemic has affected him.

Episode Description

Mark Adam is joined by local musician, DJ, music producer, and hip-hop artist Drew Spades (aka Black-David-Beckham, aka Dizzle Spades, aka Young D, aka Darkspade-Tha-Ace…) and they discuss the state of events in Winnipeg in light of how COVID has affected all of our lives. Jumping from lockdown to lockdown, music and the arts have been battered and bruised by the Province of Manitoba’s handling of the pandemic. Drew is running a GoFundMe campaign to save his business (and his livelihood), and so he discusses his business and the merits of the arts with Mark Adam. 

Don’t forget to check out Drew’s GoFundMe, as we might have mentioned once or twice during the episode.

Also, as usual, you can listen to all the episodes of The Winterpeg Report right here as part of The WPG Podcast Network.

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