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Business Name: Cutie Collars
Website: N/A
Established: 2020

Questions answered by: Anna Aronsson & Alissa Boroditsky

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About Them

Can you please fully explain your business or product line?

We are a mother and daughter who make custom pet collars and leashes out of paracord, a very strong type of rope that is used for parachutes. We started this venture because of Anna’s love for animals. She wants to be a vet one day and this allows her to interact with people’s pets. It’s also been a great way for us to spend time together!

Our collars and leashes are totally customizable and unique allowing our customers to choose the length, colours, and weave of their collar or leash. The paracord is woven, knotted, or twisted around itself to create patterns similar to macrame. Anna is only 10-years-old but is the creative force behind these collars doing all the weaving and knitting. Alissa is in charge of quality control and social media.

We’re so grateful for the response and support we’ve received about our collars. Lots of love go into each one and we’re excited to share them with you!

With the Winnipeg local maker community continuing to grow, what is the most important thing you’d like potential customers of your company to know?

We are a Winnipeg family who loves our little venture and takes a lot of pride in the collars and leashes that we create. It’s become our passion! It’s really so exciting to design, create, and then see these collars on our customers’ pets.

What inspired you to start your business?

Anna’s love for animals and desire to be a vet (one day) led to many Google searches about puppies. We came across these beautiful collars online and decided to make them on our own. Our dog, Emmett, is our model trying out new designs and measurements.

What was the biggest struggle you’ve had to overcome?

We are just starting out so we haven’t had many issues luckily, but time is always a challenge. It’s always a balancing act to manage this kind of venture on top of work and school; we love it so we don’t consider it work!

What has been your biggest success as a maker?

The biggest success we have had so far is people’s response and love for our collars. We weren’t sure if people would appreciate them as much as we do, but the response has been awesome! We have now shipped our products across Canada and the USA.

Do you have any advice that you would pass on to someone hoping to start up their own business or product line?

Just do it! If you are passionate about something, there’s no better time!

Please share any upcoming events as well as the best place(s) for people to purchase your product!

We plan to post giveaways regularly on our Instagram and Facebook pages. It’s a great way for people to get to know us, for us to try out new designs/products, and for us to say thank you!

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