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Business Name: Cedar & Cement
Website: https://cedarcement.com
Established: 2019

Questions answered by: Ashley Olsen

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About Them

Can you please fully explain your business or product line?

My fiancé and I started creating concrete decor as a hobby in the middle of the winter during the pandemic. We called ourselves Prairie Stone Co. and made up an Instagram page to show off our creations with hopes that other people might like it too. Quite honestly, we didn’t expect much from it. When we started posting our Manitoba stones and concrete stands, we suddenly had a bedroom filled with concrete decor because we had so many orders.

We currently make concrete stands (used for plants, accessories, nightstands, etc.), Manitoba-shaped stones, paper towel holders, and, our newest creation, tabletop risers.

With the Winnipeg local maker community continuing to grow, what is the most important thing you’d like potential customers of your company to know?

It really is true that we do a little happy dance every time we get an order. We both work full-time jobs (I’m a nurse and my fiancé is a civil engineering technician) and we run this business on our days off. We put so much work into this and appreciate the support so much. Whenever possible, support local!

What inspired you to start your business?

With a civil engineering background and working with concrete on a daily basis, Robert grew to love concrete and making things out of it. He came home one day and went straight to the garage to begin creating. First, it was a plant stand for our big ZZ plant in the living room. Then, since we had just moved into our first home, we realized we had no paper towel holder, and thus, one was created.

What was the biggest struggle you’ve had to overcome?

Honestly, keeping up with the business. It’s not a bad problem to have, but with working full-time jobs and running this on the side, we sometimes feel like we don’t have time to breathe. That said, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

What has been your biggest success as a maker?

Seeing our products in customers’ homes and local shops makes us so happy & is the main reason we do this. We love creating and love the local scene, so we just feel like we “fit in”.

Do you have any advice that you would pass on to someone hoping to start up their own business or product line?

Do it. You’ll never know until you try.

Please share any upcoming events as well as the best place(s) for people to purchase your product!

We will be at Scattered Seeds from October 22nd – 24th!

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