TuNesday: Contradictions

Album Name: Contradictions
Band: Sebastian Gaskin
Release Date: 2019
Genre: R&B / Soul

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Christy’s Thoughts

Canada Day will be going down the hatch like a bitter drink this year. I myself will be reconsidering the joviality I previously took for granted with the holiday.  In another time I would suggest some music that packs plenty of joy and celebration into your long weekend. But this Tunesday I’d rather direct you to the more pensive stylings of the Winnipeg-based R&B artist hailing from Tataskweyak Cree Nation, Sebastian Gaskin and his EP ‘Contradictions.’

If you’ve never seen Gaskin perform live, make it a priority when shows kick back up again – and definitely bring a date, because it’s the kind of soulful experience that makes you want to rip out your heart and give it to someone right then and there. ‘Contradictions’ perfectly captures that feeling.

Sebastian Gaskin stages his stunningly silky voice in a reverb-heavy atmosphere to haunt us with his tormented love songs. “ilosemyselfwhilelovingyou” begins the EP with a shadowy, surprisingly Deftones-like guitar progression, leading to a vocal melody that becomes increasingly evocative as the lyrics muffle out and fade – as if we are losing Gaskin to his doomed love like the title suggests.

“False Nostalgia” is a highlight of the EP, showcasing Gaskin’s ease and proficiency as a modern R&B artist, bringing exactly what keeps the genre fresh. Tight rhythms, sexy harmonies, and a tasteful peppering of trap beats makes ‘False Nostalgia’ a skillful slow jam.

Each of the four tracks on ‘Contradictions’ shows us a different stylistic side of the artist, but contains the same icy-warm soul. There’s “Cold,” which leans into a ‘chill beats to study to’ sort of vibe, while “Come With Me” is a heartfelt live-band ballad.

Sebastian Gaskin’s debut EP is worth plenty of repeat listens, even though it might break your heart a little each time. So to recover – however you spend your long weekend, hopefully it’s with someone you love.

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