The LZ Sports Show (May 22, 2021)

Can the Jets do it again? Yes. Yes they can. And they did… Winnipeg steals both games in Edmonton.


  • The goaltending battle
  • The Jets were 1 singular defensive unit
  • No second period collapse
  • What to do with Ehlers now
  • Home Ice Advantage has shifted

All that and MORE today in The LZ. Join us!

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00:00:00 Stream Starting Soon…
00:05:58 Intro w/ Theme Music
00:06:23 Welcome!
00:09:53 Aqua-Tech Ad
00:10:25 Game Stats/Score Sheet Breakdown
00:13:06 Players Of The Game
00:17:54 In-Game/Series Storylines
00:48:20 League-Wide Playoff Discussion
01:04:22 Goodbyes!
1:04:44 Outro/Credits

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