The LZ Sports Show (May 12, 2021)

After a MONSTER performance on Paul Stastny Night, we break down the best players and air out our remaining concerns, finally having locked up 3rd spot and securing a round one playoff matchup with the Oilers.


  • Paul Stastny’s 1000th game!
  • The ugly side of being 23-0-0 when scoring 4+ goals
  • Wheeler was a beast
  • The top line earned 9 points in the game
  • Are we worried about another relapse?

All that and MORE today in The LZ. Join us!

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00:00:00 Stream Starting Soon…
00:07:06 Intro w/ Theme Music
00:07:31 Welcome!
00:08:26 Aqua-Tech Ad
00:09:57 Game Stats/Score Sheet Breakdown
00:13:53 Best Jets Players Of The Night
00:17:44 Jets’ Current Defensive Makeup
00:21:09 Paul Stastny’s 1000th Game!
00:24:24 Jets are 23-0-0 When Scoring 4+
00:30:39 Wheeler Was A Beast (2G, 2A)
00:33:54 The Top Line Was ON FIRE
00:36:11 Are We Worried The Jets Will Relapse?
00:39:19 How Huge Will Ehlers’ Return Be?
00:40:32 How To Handle McDraisaitl
00:42:26 Cole Perfetti On Team Canada?!
00:43:50 Playoff Picture
00:44:51 Should The Jets Rest The Best vs Toronto?
00:49:39 League-Wide Discussion
00:55:06 Final Thoughts/Goodbyes
00:57:59 Outro/Credits

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