The LZ Sports Show (May 11, 2021)

The jets lose another game, bringing their record to 1-9-0 in their last 10 games played. What has got to give here?


  • Heinola was on the 1st pairing
  • Connor Scores (finally)
  • The 1st line looked like the 1st line
  • Giveaways cost the Jets dearly
  • Demko “Hellebuycked” the Jets

All that and MORE today in The LZ. Join us!

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00:00:00 Stream Starting Soon (w/ Chatbox)
00:07:04 Intro w/ Theme Music
00:07:29 Welcome!
00:08:41 Aqua-Tech Ad
00:09:12 Are you calm?
00:10:20 Game Stats/Score Sheet Breakdown
00:12:41 Initial Thoughts
00:14:52 Top Performers
00:17:13 Heinola On The 1st D Pairing
00:22:11 [Adam]: Three Points Per Win?! (Yes, please!)
00:25:08 Do You Think We’ll See Niku Again This Year?
00:29:42 Connor Busts Goalless Slump
00:30:43 First Line LOOKS Like First Line Again!
00:34:19 Giveaways Were Killer Last Night
00:36:58 [McKnight]: Time To Trade Scheifele?
00:43:32 Wheeler Feeling The Weight?
00:45:06 [Aside] Tim Tebow Back In The NFL?!
00:50:39 Thatcher Demko Was A Monster Last Night
00:52:18 Should The Jets Adopt Moose Methods?
00:54:48 Division Recap & Playoff Picture
00:58:42 League-Wide Playoff Situation
01:01:43 Connor McDavid Is On Another Level
01:03:25 Final Thoughts/Goodbyes
01:04:39 Outro/Credits

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