Jets vs Canadiens Preview (Apr 30, 2021)

The Winnipeg Jets are on a five-game losing streak. To use an aeronautical metaphor, they are veering off the runway. Losing five in a row is a massive issue that needs to be resolved by the time the Jets complete the remaining seven games in the regular season.

NBA veterans Ray Allen and J.J Reddick did say professional athletes try out every night, and if you are a Winnipeg Jet right now and aren’t taking that particular sentiment to heart, I do not know what to say. There are a lot of players in their system just waiting for an opportunity, and they just might get it sooner than later.

Tonight’s game versus the Montreal Canadiens will be an ultimate test to see if these issues from losing are coming from players in uniform or even some outside sources. Nonetheless, players, coaches, and especially management should be looking at what is happening so late in the season with a microscope. This is not the momentum you want to create heading into the playoffs. If this type of play continues, a first-round playoff exit should be expected.

Winnipeg Jets veteran Nate Thompson did state today during his press availability that this losing streak is not coming from anything out of the ordinary, and he reminded the media that every Jet in uniform is a highly competitive athlete who all show up every night with winning as their main focus.

Even though Winnipeg suffered yet another defeat to the Edmonton Oilers in their previous game, the Jets felt strongly about how they rebounded against a team that put a beating on them a few times now. To contain a high-scoring team like the Edmonton Oilers to only 3 goals (one of which was an empty-netter) does say something about how the Winnipeg Jets can bounce back, even with their current limited resources.

The Scotia North Division is really tough and supremely competitive. Just losing one or two games can put you in trouble, let alone five.

The Montreal Canadiens are winners of only four out of their last 10 coming into the match the Winnipeg Jets tonight at Bell Centre. Montreal is now in an intense battle to hold the last playoff spot in the Scotia North Division.

As the Winnipeg Jets head back on the road, where they have earned an impressive record of 16-8-1, they hope to find the success that illuded them in their own rink during this latest tragic homestand.


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