TuNesday: 100 One Says

Album Name: 100 One Says
Band: 100 Onces
Release Date: May 30, 2013
Genre: Math Rock / Punk

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Christy’s Thoughts

Sometimes you come across a piece of music that finds you by accident. Time goes by and you realize you’ve been rocking out to it consistently for years and don’t even remember how it came into your life. Then you go, hey, I wonder what’s up with these guys lately and the answer is not all that much – and then you realize that they only have a couple thousand followers. And you think, am I their biggest fan? We’re not even from the same city. I don’t know any of the culture around this band. How did I get to be undyingly loyal to this random couple of dudes who sound like they’re just fucking around in a basement? That’s my experience with 100 Onces and their record “100 One Says” and I hope you join me in this obscure fandom.

I want to go on record saying that their name infuriates me for no good reason. When I look them up, Google is certain I’m making a typo. And their albums are called ‘100 Onces,’ ‘100 One Says,’ and ‘100 Once is.’ Good luck trying to explain those names out loud to someone. So that should give you an idea of the vibe these guys are going for. There’s a real goofball skater punk humour to it all. 

But in all seriousness these guys can play. You have to if you want to call yourself a math rock band. 100 Onces is a super tight two piece guitar/drums instrumental outfit that keeps it fresh and surprising with every tune, some of them a tribute to other musicians and celebrities. Like in the absolutely killer track “Djimi Hendrix,” they split into “Manic Depression” for one psychotic moment. Or by using a clean and sparkly guitar tone in “Cannibals as Leaders” they nod to the prog band Animals as Leaders.

100 Onces has a knack for flipping between crunchy rhythmic riffs and wide open head-banging moments. This playfulness creates a light-hearted and downright fun listening experience that keeps us coming back for repeat listens. 

That’s probably why these bandcamp indie records of theirs have nestled their way into my lifetime collection. 100 Onces is the kind of music you can joyfully blast in the car with your head bouncing side-to-side – the silliest variation of the head bang.

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Christy T

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