The LZ Sports Show [2021 Trade Deadline Edition]

We quickly break down the game last night between the Jets and the Canadiens before jumping into a talk with our guest, u/NeutralZoner from Reddit.

Zoner wrote a 5-part series entitled “In Chevy We Trust” that examined and posed questions about whether we, as Jets fans, should have as much faith in Chevy as we do.

If you want to, you can read that ahead of watching, or you can read it along with us as we go!

Find it here:

The episode is a little longer than our usual format, but the conversation is very fun and interesting. We do NOT get into what we think should happen during tomorrow’s trade deadline, but it’s a great walk down memory lane for any die-hard Jets fan.

Rendezvous at The LZ today for a great talk about the past moves Chevy has made.

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