TuNesday: OK Human

Album Name: OK Human
Band: Weezer
Release Date: January 29, 2021
Genre: Chamber Pop / Pop Rock

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Christy’s Thoughts

After a year of separation from one another, we’re now at the stage of isolation where we’re having tea parties with our pets and can’t remember if that’s a normal thing to do or not. But only recently has the media we’re consuming caught up to us – to be actually reflective of our pandemic experience. We’ve been keeping connected in so many amazing creative ways because it’s vindicating to know others are having similar experiences to us. This means we love when mainstream artists recognize shared experiences too. That is why I recommend ‘OK Human’ by Weezer, a candy crisp album that serves as a relatable beacon of hope amidst the dull.

Weezer has ditched the electric guitars for the first time and replaced them with a 38-piece orchestra.  Sweet and sweeping strings arrangements elevate small day-to-day observations. Rivers Cuomo rails at his family’s obsession with their devices in “Screens,” admits his dull routine in “Aloo Gobi,” and ‘rocks out to his Audible’ audiobooks in “Grapes of Wrath.”

Amidst the grandeur of the music, it’s still comforting to hear that when a rockstar is locked in his house, his experience doesn’t seem that far off from ours. 

It’s like Cuomo has welcomed us into his home and most welcoming is the fact that he gets as close as he ever has to letting down the veil of sarcasm. Although what made us fall in love with Weezer was the house of mirrors level of irony that shaped the voice of a generation, it appears we still get top form Weezer without it.

Unabashedly relatable and melodically unforgettable, this record is model popcraft (“Aloo Gobi” has been stuck in my head for days.) We can be inspired as listeners because, apparently, you can write about kind of mundane stuff and still sell it if you mean what you’re saying. ‘OK Human’ is emphatic proof that just being human is enough to sing about.

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Christy T

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