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Business Name: It Makes Scents
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Established: 2018

Questions answered by: Eliana Sorensen

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Can you please fully explain your business or product line?

We’re a small family business that was created to bring creative bath/beauty products to you. Our unique array of novelty items are sure to please whether you’re looking for a gift or to treat yourself, chances are we can make it.

Sometimes finding that unique gift for someone or just for yourself can be hard. We offer a huge array of choices when it comes to specialty bath products. Here, you can find anything from pop culture genres of soaps, bath bombs from Star Wars to those beloved Gremlins. We use high-quality ingredients that are not only safe but registered with Health Canada standards. We hope you’ll have a look and feel free to ask us any questions about our products. We’re here to help!

With the Winnipeg local maker community continuing to grow, what is the most important thing you’d like potential customers of your company to know?

We incorporate high-quality ingredients in all our products and pour love into each item we make. We take pride in the fact that we offer unique hard-to-find items.

What inspired you to start your business?

I’ve always loved bath products, but disliked not knowing what chemicals they might contain. Therefore, I started to do extensive research and decided I would start to make my own for family and friends in which I can incorporate safer ingredients as well as custom scents. I soon found out our products were a big hit and they wanted more. I started to showcase my works of art from the hand-painted soaps to my novelty bath bombs, and whipped body butters on social media and the rest is history. We are now at over 1400 followers that are repeat customers. That speaks volumes to me as a maker.

What was the biggest struggle you’ve had to overcome?

I’d say the biggest struggle so far has been trying to run a small home business during a pandemic as it’s made obtaining supplies a challenge with longer delivery times as well as costs have gone up.

What has been your biggest success as a maker?

Success comes in many forms, but to me it shows in the many great reviews I find on my business page as well as repeat customers. I have been approached by several retail shop owners asking to carry my products on a wholesale level.

Do you have any advice that you would pass on to someone hoping to start up their own business or product line?

When starting out, use social media to your advantage to gain exposure and run regular contests to gain followers as well as announce new product releases and ask for customer feedback on new potential product ideas to add to your line.

Please share any upcoming events (virtual for the time being, of course) as well as the best place(s) for people to purchase your product!

I run regular contests on my Facebook page.


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