Album Name: Nané
Band: Nané
Release Date: 2020
Genre: Soul Rock

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Christy’s Thoughts

In the era of inside livin’ are you able to love who you live with? Take a look around, maybe it’s your cat Pringles, or your roommate Trudy, maybe it’s your boo, or maybe it’s you! Whoever it is, they deserve the kind of uninhibited love that’s expressed in a big sweaty hug. And it’s with that vibe in mind I’m suggesting Nané for the beginning of February the Love Month.

On their debut, self-titled album Nané’s lead singer Daniel Sahad shows up with so much personality and energy it clues you into what a live performance might feel like. Hands crossing with bodies, people swaying together and dancing away. This guy has a playfully sexy thing going on and delivers his vocals with serious prowess which makes him a really exciting singer. Watch them perform ‘Clementine Tree’ and see for yourself. 

This is the type of music you can dedicate to someone. Just grab their face and scream-sing to them. 

If you listen to their biggest hit on the record “Always On My Mind,”  right off the hop you might get a hit of 70’s rock-like Elton John. And if you went through a breakup in the early 2010’s you’ll also notice they have a real Alabama Shakes quality. Apparently, they’ve got a fan in Brittany Howard and she’s recommended them for the Tiny Desk series. All we can find on Youtube now is their submission video (which is fun) so we wish them luck and will check back as the story develops!

It’s also worth saying that this is not the only noteworthy band I’ve come across from Houston, TX recently. Seems like there’s some cool stuff going on down there right now. 

But regardless of where you are, you should pump the sultry big lovin’ music of Nané straight through your heart. Just glow up with an appreciation for the ones you love. I have a feeling that’s the kind of feeling they had in mind when they created it.

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Christy T

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