Meta-TuNesday: What do YOU Recommend?

The danger of living an exclusively virtual life (as I have been) is that there is no naturally occurring variety to pick up by accident. No random band to catch before the headliner you chose to see, no library book sitting next to the one you meant to grab, no overheard conversations about a new restaurant. I am only consuming what I’ve told myself to consume, which tells the algorithms to feed me more of that, and the virtual echo chamber echoes on.

So I’m introducing a few changes to this humble music column.

As I ponder week to week on music I feel folks in our community deserve to experience, I become more aware of the fact that I’m just mirroring my own tastes. If you read my article about Khruangbin a couple of weeks ago, you’ll understand that I want to wiggle out of the rut that is my Spotify algorithms. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still have tons of favourite albums that I would love to share with you, but I can’t help but notice the patterns within them. Like, why are they all from 2015? Am I getting old? Were those my glory days? Uh oh.

This is why I’m asking the readers of Tunesday to send me the albums that are meaningful to you. Submit your recommendations and let’s get a conversation going. Is it an oldies record that reminds you of your mum? Let me know and if I dig it too, I’ll make it my Tunesday pick. Maybe you recorded an EP 10 years ago and think it’s fitting for whatever is going on in the news lately. Send it over. Best yet, is there a local band whose record is in your regular rotation? Share the love! I’d rather celebrate music from within the community than some already successful act from LA anyway.

You can email your recommendations to or use the hashtag #wpgtunesday on any of the socials anytime and I’ll check it out.

This change will also mean we will be posting every other Tuesday, rather than weekly, so that I can take the time to gather your suggestions and give them the listen they deserve. Rest assured I am always on the search myself, and if I find a band that shatters my world, I reserve veto power and promise to alert you posthaste.

It has been so fun writing for fellow music lovers, and I’m excited to continue the discovery together. Thanks for reading!

Tell Christy which album is giving you life today!

Christy T

Christy Taronno is a devourer of music, with hours of listening racked up so high it could be her day job. Christy is a songwriter and musician in her own right, known as Paper Machetes. She has written music for the feature film “Ruthless Souls,” the CBC Short Doc “Exposed Nerves,” and more. She has also written, and starred in, original plays such as “Bizarro Obscure” and “Uncomfortably Live.” Her years of working at the Park Theatre, along with her experience as a performer also means she knows her way around a venue. Give her a shout, because she has never heard enough and wants to hear what you've got.

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