Atrocity Exhibition

Album Name: Atrocity Exhibition
Band: Danny Brown
Release Date: September 27, 2016
Genre: Experimental Hip-Hop

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Christy’s Thoughts

I’m going into this week with a f***-it attitude. The isolation might be facilitating some icy insanity lately so if you feel the walls closing in, I say lean into the madness and pop on ‘Atrocity Exhibition’ by Danny Brown.

With spooky, crystalline beats underlined by post-punk style drone, ‘Atrocity Exhibition’ will make you feel like you’re inside the wrong persons’ head.

Danny Brown’s rapping style is petulant and taunting, with a flow that’s so fast and on-point that he’d win on the schoolyard. And his hilarious, nasty punch lines always land. This character voice of his is part of what makes the music so entertaining. He’s also got another voice he uses on other tracks like “Tell Me What I Don’t Know” that’s wiser and more mellow, which adds another dimension to the whole thing.

Part of the mystique of Danny Brown’s personality is his ‘lightning in a bottle’ energy. He’s volatile and unhinged. Check out the insane cadence in “White Lines.” The pills, drugs and alcohol in the lyrics make it no secret they were everywhere. Interesting to see that Danny Brown seems to have cleaned up his act in recent years. His latest record ‘uknowhatimsayin?’ was recorded in Q-Tip’s studio. Apparently, according to PitchFork, Q-Tip encouraged Danny Brown to come in with a much more ordered approach to recording for that one, which is a nice trajectory for Danny Brown’s career. But you just gotta love the haunting, bat-shit crazy production and execution on ‘Atrocity Exhibition.’

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