MANITOBA EXCLUSIVE: Hit Local Rom-Com Available to Stream for Free Jan 2, 2021

From 6pm to midnight Saturday (January 2nd, 2021), homebodies will be able to enjoy a Manitoba exclusive screening of the charming rom-com I Propose We Never See Each Other Again After Tonight, which The Globe and Mail calls, “Delightfully romantic… a fun, big-hearted time.”

📸 by Brad Crawford.

Directed by Sean Garrity and starring Hera Nalam and Kristian Jordan, I Propose… is “A comedy about love, and winter, and banana sauce.”  The film played in theatres across Canada this fall and is performing well on VOD. Now it is available for free for audiences in Manitoba who are sure to find adorable and relatable moments in this breakout hit.

Watch the trailer here:

The free online screening is presented in partnership with Safe At Home Manitoba – a grant initiative wherein the province has joined with some of our cultural organizations to help Manitobans stay physically and culturally active and connected to one another.

The free online screening is presented in partnership with Safe At Home Manitoba.

What better way to connect with your community by laughing together from afar with a home-crafted gem of a film that is sure to have a uniquely Canadian perspective? It’s much more personal than using the random show selector on Netflix.

📸 by Brad Crawford.

So put on your PJ’s, grab some popcorn, and snuggle up for I Propose We Never See Eachother Again After Tonight, which The Winnipeg Sun describes as “Energetic, fun and sexy!” Don’t go anywhere after the film (let’s be real you’re not leaving the couch) because there will be a Q&A with the director and stars of the film.

Starting at 6pm January 2nd go to to stream the film for free until midnight! Keep the event in your calendar.

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