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Business Name: SOAK Bath Co
Established: 2019

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Can you please fully explain your business or product line?

The SOAK Bath Co product line is a handmade, luxury bath and body care brand. The product line is made up of zero waste soap bars, luxurious bath bombs, bath melts and bath salts. Each product is made in our home studio in Niverville, Manitoba. We make each of our products by combining quality oils, butters, and other ingredients to make the perfect spa-like gift.

With the local maker community continuing to grow, what makes you stand out from the rest?

We take very special care to ensure a quality product is made each and every time. We have a high standard for attention to detail and only use the best ingredients. Not only is everything beautifully crafted, but the recipes are also made with skin-loving ingredients! We do love to show off our process and behind the scenes of the business on Instagram. That’s one of those things that really sets us apart; we let people in on the journey we’re taking and how everything is made. It makes it fun for the audience and they can really start to appreciate all the steps required to make each product.

What made you realize that you had a product that could be shared with others?

Before the business became a business, I attended a craft show with a few bars I had made. They looked nothing like what they look like now. I had experimented with a few soap making techniques and made some neat looking bars. It turned out we had sold quite a few bars at this particular market. I decided to make a few more bars for an upcoming show and attended there as well. Next thing you know, we sold out of soap bars. That was my first clue that we were on to something!

What has been your biggest success as a maker? Biggest struggle you’ve overcome?

The biggest “headline” to date has been the ability to land a deal with the Hudson’s Bay Company. The SOAK Bath Co line is now available at 20 HBC locations across Canada, a deal I have been working on since January 2020. I do however have to say that the biggest success has been proving a maker can create a viable business if they really set their mind and heart to it. Not only am I doing exactly what I was meant to do, but I have also built some amazing relationships with store owners, fellow makers and suppliers throughout this journey.

When Covid first hit, we saw the majority of our retail partners forced to close their doors to the public for an unknown amount of time. That in itself was heartbreaking. These were real people that I had forged relationships with over the last few months, faced with the reality of shutting down their livelihood. Luckily, many came through and have since reopened but some have not. A few months later, we continue to see more challenges, especially in the supply chain. Makers, manufacturers and product entrepreneurs are seeing many hurdles in sourcing raw goods and products in general as the world sorts through shipping and manufacturing delays.

Any advice that you would tell someone hoping to start up their own business or product line?

Yes, lots. But I’ll stick with one piece for the sake of time. There will be many people that don’t understand the journey you’re embarking on. There are long hours, it’s hard work. You are told “no” constantly. To most that would not seem like the dream job. But if you can push past the roadblocks, the walls others build in front of you, it will only make you stronger and push you to build a better foundation for your dream.

Please share any upcoming events (physical events, virtual sales, etc.) that you think Winnipeggers would be interested in!

Should the province return to Code Orange, we are scheduled to attend Apple and Pine Market in Brandon on December 12th. Otherwise, you can find us online 24/7 at or on Instagram @cksoakbathco.


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