Zach Tottle, Colourblind Artist

One of the first things you’ll notice about Paint Drop Art is the incredible array of colours used; some match so perfectly, while others clash in a beautifully unique way. It may come as a shock, then, that the person who creates such enthralling canvasses can’t actually see the vast majority of the rainbow.

Zach Tottle, the Winnipeg-based artist behind the collection, was born colourblind. Anyone who hasn’t experienced the sensation may not understand how someone could choose to be an artist working with all shades under the sun. Tottle explains that while being colourblind wasn’t the reason he started painting, it “became a reason to keep going.”

“Creating the art, sharing it, successfully selling it, and receiving positive feedback feels like proving my childhood bullies wrong,” Tottle reveals. “They never liked my colouring because I would give my people purple jeans and had a very hard time with other colours as well.”

In terms of how he came across the paint drop style itself, this was thanks to the power of social media. In particular, fellow artist Callen Schaub popping up on his Tik Tok suggestions.

“I found Callen on my ‘for you’ page which introduced me to fluid art and I tried a paint pour style for one of my doors,” Tottle explains. “I shared the door to my personal instagram page and had someone ask for a commissioned piece. That sale funded the start of my business.”

All Paint Drop Art paintings are made to appear fluid with the artist very rarely using an actual paintbrush with Tottle sharing that “the motion in the paintings is created using the movement of air or a swinging apparatus.”

Despite now perfecting the paint drop style itself, Tottle’s confident that while being a colourblind artist does have its challenges, he “wouldn’t call them disadvantages because they can always be overcome.”

“I find the challenge comes when I get a commission; I have had a hard time figuring out which design motion will go best with the colours requested,” Tottle says. “I think the design and colour combination is important to the message, emotion or reaction created by the piece.”

As more people follow his artistic journey online and, in turn, commissions of his one-of-a-kind pieces continue pouring in, that original “reason to keep going” burns even brighter inside Tottle.

“I now work towards being an advocate for colourblind people, to inspire them to do what makes them happy, and brush off the people trying to put them down,”

Tottle says with confidence. “As a new brand, buying now is like investing in a young passionate artist with aspirations of being an advocate for colourblind people in art!”

Pamela Roz

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