Brass Riot

Album Name: Brass Riot
Band: Dirty Catfish Brass Band
Release Date: June 24, 2014
Genre: Funk / Jazz

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Christy’s Thoughts

Well it’s Tuesday and by now you know that means it’s TuNesday here at The WPG, but you should also know that once upon a recent time it also meant that it’s Soul Night. Yes, Tuesday – the night that generations of partiers would slosh out into the cold in their dirtiest dancing boots and cram into the Cavern for a night they would definitely feel on Wednesday morning.

In this unassuming prairie city pulses a wild rhythmic heartbeat driven by a group of musicians that have transfused into a collective of incredible funk bands. The Solutions, Dr Hotbottom, Route 59, and Men in Cheap Suits. And of course, we can never forget the guys that are able to march that energy outside of the Cavern and walk it to every street corner, festival ground and sporting event in Manitoba. I’m talking about Dirty Catfish Brass Band.

I’m not reminding you of all this to make you sad or nostalgic. It’s not like we’ll never get out there in our boots or bare feet to dance the night away again. My recommendation this week is to crank ‘Brass Riot’ by Dirty Catfish Brass Band in your kitchen, maybe start cooking something spicy up, and have yourself a self-care dance party.

This album should be considered a Winnipeg classic. If you’ve attended anything fun in the last ten years, you’ve heard these tunes. Maybe you were catching up with an old friend at the Fringe beer tent and you heard “Brass Riot” start up. And when you did hear it, it was time to down your beer and head up to the stage because the party was really about to start. Or maybe you were relaxing in the sun at your Folk Fest campsite, and on the wind, the sweet sounds of “L’il Liza Jane” lifted you out of your lawn chair and into the second line style parade of hippies.

Dirty Catfish Brass Band is a perfect example of how music enriches the memories we make with spontaneity and joy. These guys are the hardest working band in town, and they deserve our love during this off-season. (Understating the pandemic as the “off-season” is my way of coping okay?)

So even though the gyms are closed and the fields are frozen, keep those hot happy memories in mind and let Dirty Catfish Brass Band work you up into a sweaty joyful mess. Just dance your ass off. Cheers Winnipeg!

Christy T

Christy Taronno is a devourer of music, with hours of listening racked up so high it could be her day job. Christy is a songwriter and musician in her own right, known as Paper Machetes. She has written music for the feature film “Ruthless Souls,” the CBC Short Doc “Exposed Nerves,” and more. She has also written, and starred in, original plays such as “Bizarro Obscure” and “Uncomfortably Live.” Her years of working at the Park Theatre, along with her experience as a performer also means she knows her way around a venue. Give her a shout, because she has never heard enough and wants to hear what you've got.

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