PaRANTing Podcast [Ep 24]

Episode #24 – “Step(ping Up) Parents”

This week continues the 2020 saga of “WTF’s” and “OMG is this over yet?“

Mark Adam had a rough weekend with both car and computer troubles, while Katie G. just doesn’t know what day it is (classic).

The struggle of step-parenting is the hot topic this week. Whether bringing your own child into a blended family setting or just getting an “instant family,” our hosts discuss how both methods of becoming a step-parent have their own ups and downs.

Moral of the story? Adulting is hard. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make fun of your kids… we actually encourage it.

Send your own stories/struggles/funny moments to Mark Adam and Katie G on any of the PaRANTing social media platforms. They need to know they’re not alone… so needy, right?

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