‘It’s a Music Thing Podcast’ Brings You Backstage

We are living in an era where remaining connected to our community means finding ways to do it from home. Video chats, online gaming and good old-fashioned phone calls are more appreciated than ever, as we bring stimulating conversations directly to our living rooms. And though many of our in-person cultural experiences may have ground to a halt this year, the podcast is one medium that has remained largely unchanged and available to enjoy.

And if what you’re missing most nowadays is live music, then check out the ‘It’s a Music Thing’ Podcast with Dwayne Larson. Every week, Larson invites music industry insiders of both local and international fame to discuss their personal journey within the business of show. He’s had his fair share of musicians themselves, but equally interesting are the behind the scenes folks that make the show go on, despite all the unsung challenges.

“So many people focus just on the artists… You only see what’s on stage, if things are falling apart behind the scenes, those people like the techs, the lighting guys, the sound guys, the front of house people. They have amazing stories sometimes – if they’re allowed to tell them or not,” chuckles Larson.

Millencolin performance, featured on itsamusicthing.com
📸 by Dwayne Larson

‘It’s a Music Thing’ Podcast is invaluable to anyone who is either trying to get a foothold in the music industry or is curious about what that world is like.

“I’m trying to learn about the industry myself as well, “ says Larson, “but I’m also trying to shed a light on peoples’ stories.”

As a professional photographer, you may recognize Larson as a staple of the Winnipeg music scene. With that experience and insight, he’s able to have genuinely informed conversations with his guests.

“You know who Fred Penner is, you know what he’s done, you know his big songs. . . But I always like to go in and learn about the person that I’m talking to.” ~ Dwayne Larson

However he always likes to go into every interview a little bit willfully ignorant, he explains. “You know who Fred Penner is, you know what he’s done, you know his big songs. . . But I always like to go in and learn about the person that I’m talking to.”

The first question Larson will ask his guests is about their first musical memory, and which song or artist brought music to their consciousness outside of the standard nursery rhymes. This begins a conversation that is personal and focuses on the human experience of his guest. And he will always seize an opportunity to focus on a topic that the guest is passionate about.

📸 by Rejean Brandt Photography

One memorable guest he recalls is Todd Kowalski from Propagandhi. “Most people have heard of Propagandhi so you know the musical – where they come from. Well, what I really wanted to focus on with Todd, was a lot of people may be outside the Propagandhi realm, is that he’s an incredible artist. So we just talked about his painting, his drawing, now he’s getting more and more into illustrating.”

Musicians and the music industry tend to be veiled in a certain mystique, but ‘It’s a Music Thing’ offers an intimate insight into the lives of folks who have made music their thing.

Check out the latest episode of It’s A Music Thing on Apple Podcasts.

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