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Choosing a piece of jewellery is often a simple process; you see it, you like it, you wear it. That said, how often do we think about how a piece makes us feel about ourselves and, in turn, how it makes us feel more powerful in our own skin? That’s where Thaisa Matias de Paula’s “De Paula Design” comes in.

De Paula Design is a “conscious and intentional jewelry brand with a message deeply rooted in empowering women in their self-love and growth journey,” according to Thaisa. She says that each purchase is accompanied by a card that reflects her intentions when making each collection.

“We all have days in which we don’t feel our best and begin engaging in negative self-talk,” Thaisa explains. “Whenever I have those days myself, I look in the mirror and allow my earrings to act as a reminder that no matter what I’m going through, I am always enough.”

The brand was born not only out of a lifelong love of creative projects, but as part of her goal to “unlearn beauty standards placed by society while also cultivating self-love and acceptance.” She decided to challenge herself by going Au Naturel, completely eliminating make-up altogether from her daily routine and ceasing activities like hair-straightening when styling.

“It was really awkward and hard in the beginning, but eventually my perception changed and I began to notice the beauty I had in my natural state,” she admits.

While adjusting to her new sense of self, Thaisa still felt the need to express her femininity and creativity. That’s when the idea of making earrings felt like a perfect way to adorn herself and still stay true to how she looked. Thaisa knew that this was something that needed to be shared with like-minded people.

While sales continue to grow, she wants customers, both new and returning, to know De Paula Design’s mission is to offer as much personal value as possible.

“When you buy our jewelry or follow us on social media, you’re part of our community. I post daily content with inspirational messages, as well as vulnerable shares about my own personal journey with self-growth.

“I have recently expanded our brand and created a blog called The Mind Behind, in which I offer more in-depth content on the same topics. I stand for cultivating radical self-acceptance, loving all parts of ourselves, and remembering that true beauty radiates from within.”

“I stand for cultivating radical self-acceptance, loving all parts of ourselves, and remembering that true beauty radiates from within.”
~Thaisa Matias de Paula

As for what to expect next from the line, Thaisa is in the process of expanding into bracelets and necklaces alongside her polymer clay earrings. She urges shoppers to keep an eye on De Paula Design’s social media for a release date on the winter collection; a gift set with a piece of jewelry and a painting that reflects the collection’s theme, which Thaisa excitedly calls “wearable art and hangable art!”

Physical gifts aside, it might be the lessons of the product that stick with someone long after the wrapping paper is thrown out.

“I believe authenticity to be the biggest gift that you can offer the world,” Thaisa says. “When you’re authentic, you’re also vulnerable, and vulnerability creates space for others around you to feel comfortable enough to do the same. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!”

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