PaRANTing Podcast [Ep 23]

Episode #23 – “Sarcastic Parent = Sarcastic Kids”

Join Mark Adam and Katie G. this week as they reminisce about the “good ol’ days” when a stern look from their parents could stop them in their tracks and as long as they were out of their parent’s hair, they didn’t seem to be too concerned with what they were up to (when they definitely should have been).

They also discuss how being a sarcastic parent means you undoubtedly will end up with sarcastic children, which is hilarious but also infuriating. How dare they use our awesome personality traits against us!?

Speaking of personalities, Mark Adam tells us about a great personality test (the Meyers-Briggs) and how it provides a great insight into who we are as a person, a parent, a partner and a friend. Take the test (only takes about 10 minutes) and let them know your results (Mark Adam is an ENFP or “Campaigner”) on any PaRANTing podcast social media platforms! (Take the test at – #notsponsored)

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