Angel’s Pulse

Album Name: Angel’s Pulse
Band: Blood Orange
Release Date: July 12, 2019
Genre: “Bedroom Pop” / R&B

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Christy’s Thoughts

The bedroom is a place of tranquillity, where dim lighting and gauzy fabrics can filter out the impurities of the outside world. It’s the place you retreated to after your most memorable heartbreak and after your most brutal workday. It’s also the place you’ve stretched languidly across your bed, losing yourself in the eyes of your teen dream posters. In this sleepy nostalgic spirit, try listening to some ‘bedroom pop’ – I present “Angel’s Pulse” by Blood Orange.

Lose yourself in the slow low pad synths, chillwave beats and sweet R&B voices. Blood Orange produces in a way that’s minimalist in taste, which gives so much weight to the choices he makes. In “Benzo,” a soundscape of French chatter and lazy cello cuts suddenly into an 808 beat with only some keys and clarinet dancing overhead. We sit in that vibe until this four-part Boys II Men style harmony hooks in for only a moment. You never get too much of the good stuff. Always listen to the choices Blood Orange makes. You’ll continually be hit with subtle surprises and a vague sense of deja vu.

“Gold Teeth” will bring the hip hop flavour you can usually find on a Blood Orange record. This tune has a super satisfying beat, deep down piano hits and clutch rap with sophisticated sexiness. Meanwhile the first track, “I Wanna C U” is a lot more on the Tame Impala indie-psych side of things.

So, because we’re getting low-key anxious just going to the grocery store nowadays, I prescribe “Angel’s Pulse.” Allow the dreamy music to wash over you like warm bathwater after a cold drive home.

Christy T

Christy Taronno is a devourer of music, with hours of listening racked up so high it could be her day job. Christy is a songwriter and musician in her own right, known as Paper Machetes. She has written music for the feature film “Ruthless Souls,” the CBC Short Doc “Exposed Nerves,” and more. She has also written, and starred in, original plays such as “Bizarro Obscure” and “Uncomfortably Live.” Her years of working at the Park Theatre, along with her experience as a performer also means she knows her way around a venue. Give her a shout, because she has never heard enough and wants to hear what you've got.

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