Album Review: Evenings & Weekends by Alex Kozub

The Details

Released September 27, 2020

Alex Kozub — songwriting, vocals, bass guitar, keyboards
Jesse Millar — drums, guitar (2, 5)
Micah Erenberg — guitar (2, 3, 4, 5)
Tanner Gusdal — guitar (1)
Brennan Hakes — guitar (1)
Andrew Littleford — trumpet (1, 3)
Mike McDermid — vocals (2)
Jamie Buckboro — vocals (5)
Liam Duncan — tambo/claps (5)
Dan Syrnick — drum tech

Produced by Alex Kozub and Liam Duncan.
Mixed by Liam Duncan.
Mastered by Kristian Montano at Montano Mastering, Toronto ON.
Recorded by Matt Filopoulos at Mustard House Studio, Winnipeg MB.

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Christy’s Thoughts

Alex Kozub’s debut EP is as breezy and fun as you could hope for from something called ‘Evenings and Weekends.’ It gives us upbeat and unexpected moments, and like the weekend – when you get to the end you’ll want to start it all over again.

But to Kozub, ‘Evenings and Weekends’ is about more than that. He says, “It’s a funny phrase that represents an idealized notion of personal freedom while signalling the limits of when and for how long that freedom is actually available.”

Alex Kozub is known for playing in Winnipeg’s self-proclaimed nerdiest alt-rock band Colour By Numbers. While on this solo release he creates a unique sound for himself by blending the percussive funky stylings of Vulfpeck with the clear-spoken lyrical delivery of Ben Folds, it’s a combination that other self-proclaimed nerds will dig (which I can confirm).

Amidst the personal and honest subject matter, you’re not going to find a lot of metaphors in these tunes. Kozub just tells you straight up what he thinks about living life his own dang way, with defiant optimism. Kozub says the record is about “making sense of growing up, revelling in personal freedom, trying to not be a hypocrite and recognizing that mundane parts of life are profound and important.”

“Show Me” kicks off the album with high-energy horns shots and a message about appreciating moments of joy which sets the stage for that optimism to shine throughout the whole record.

Be sure to check out the video for “Show Me” here:

If you love a song with a lot of unexpected moments you’re going to like “A Letter,” in which some zany synth hits during the chorus startled me so much that I clapped my hands with glee like a small child. The song has a few more twists and turns after that, reminiscent of some classic Frank Zappa.

The clean production and full sounding instrumental arrangements are impressive considering Kozub recorded ‘Evenings and Weekends’ partially from inside his own home**. Though the production presents crystal clear with some room for more organic warmth (particularly in the drum sound,) it suits the poppy nature of the record.

[Editor's note: While the album was partially recorded in Kozub's home, the bulk was recorded at Mustard House Studio.]

With his hopeful outlook and bouncy groove, Alex Kozub has created a record that can brighten any dull workday. Enjoy ‘Evenings and Weekends’ on your favourite streaming platform today, or buy it for just $5 CAD right here on The WPG Shop to support this local talent directly!

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