Amazon Prime Day (“Option 3”)

Our mandate here at The WPG Magazine is to support local. Whenever possible we encourage our users to find a local retailer that sells the same items you’re able to find online. Often the prices are similar. Sometimes they’re a touch higher, but you’re able to say you did a good deed in supporting a member of your community instead of a large, faceless corporation.

That said, we recognize the reality that not everything can be found locally, and also sometimes the prices are NOT similar. We understand. That’s why we would like you to try this new method of shopping:

  1. Search locally. Really try to source what you need right here in Winnipeg. Put the effort into looking for a local spot that allows you to feel good about keeping your money in the community.
  2. Search online for local sellers. A lot of people don’t know that there are a lot of local retailers that offer online sales, which could save you waiting for long shipping times, and again, keep that money right here in town.
  3. Buy through a local affiliate. Sometimes local doesn’t cut it, and we get it. Prices, availability, and ease of use are huge feathers in online shopping companies’ caps. BUT, there is a loophole called “affiliates” that KIND OF help out locally. The rest of this post is about that. We’re calling it “Option 3”.

Clicking through our affiliate link to get to Amazon gives us credit for having sent you there. We get a percentage (the percentages vary greatly depending on the item categories) and that means that SOME of your online spendings can stay in the community and continue to be used to further our “Support Local” mandate.

So, if you ABSOLUTELY MUST make some purchases online through Amazon, please do it through our affiliate links and try to make local a part (even a SMALL part) of your consideration.

Amazon Prime Day Deals

There ARE a ton of deals during Prime Day, so we are not going to judge you for making this choice. We just wanted to encourage the SHOP LOCAL mentality first.
Save up to 20% bedding, bath and more
Shop deals in Electronics
20% off First time Pet Food (Subscribe & Save)
Save in the kitchen on Amazon Brands
Subscribe to Amazon Music for $0.99 for 4 months.

Please note that clicking on ANY of the links above activates a cookie in your browser. So long as you click through our link and buy anything on there within 24 hours, we should get the credit. Also, fun fact, if you click through the bedding & bath link, then buy electronics instead, we still get the credit, so you don’t have to click through each link to buy all the different stuff. Click once, shopitty-shop-shop, then we get the credit.

Again, we encourage you to seek local options FIRST, but it you land on OPTION 3, we would be honoured if you used our links to do so.

Buying Christmas presents for the kids (or anyone)? Again, no judgement from us.

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