The Drive-In at the Airport

What a delightful evening my family and I spent last night at the airport, of all places!

The Winnipeg Richardson International Airport parking lot has temporarily been transformed into a giant screening station, playing host to an event named “The CAA Summer Drive-In Series“. The massive state-of-the-art screen looked incredible, the sun was barely a factor (despite the 7pm showtime), and the audio synced perfectly with the video (unsynchronised audio is always a pet peeve of mine). It was a well-received treat for the kids, too, who loved sitting up in the back of the SUV, and equally enjoyed staying up an hour past their typical bedtime.

My girlfriend, her daughter (7), my daughter (5), and I went to see the showing of Disney’s “The Incredibles” for Father’s Day. It was an excellent experience, overall. First off, it was 30$ for the whole car, which is actually cheaper than when just the girlfriend and I pay to see a flick in an actual theatre. On top of that, the very-reasonably-priced concessions were delivered right to our vehicle! It was wonderful to see this community event so well supported.

Dexter’s Mini Donuts provided the concession services to the venue. Popcorn, hot dogs, bottles of pop, and obviously mini donuts were the featured items. The full offering can be found at if you’d like to have a look for yourself.

Hosted by radio personalities from 94.3 The Drive, they were very clear about expectations vis-a-vis physical distancing and waste disposal. CAA provided each vehicle with a bag on the way in for the purposes of gathering your own trash to remove it from the premises. Also, there were strict rules about no doors being open, no standing outside of your vehicle, and other distancing policies.

All in all, the event was fun, safe, and wonderfully refreshing. It’s nice that the community seemed well considered in the execution of this event.

For more information, show times, and to buy tickets, visit

Quick Tips

  1. Don’t rush or show up super early. They only open the place up 45 minutes ahead of the show, and your parking spot is determined by your vehicle’s height, not the order of your arrival.
  2. The audio is fed to your vehicle via FM transmission, so in order to hear the movie, tune your vehicle’s radio to 92.7 FM. (You don’t need to write this down, as there are plenty of signs to help you!)
  3. Don’t worry about your battery! CAA is on site to provide free boosts to anyone in need. I did see a few of these provided on my way out.

Full list of things you should know before going can be found here.

From the organizers

Any profits will be donated to three local organizations playing a critical role in Manitoba amid the COVID-19 pandemic: the Health Sciences Centre Foundation COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund, Winnipeg Harvest, and United Way Winnipeg.

The CAA Summer Drive-In Series has hired the Winnipeg Rifles to help during movie showings. The junior football club is using the event as a fundraiser with players donating their wages to the team. Members of the Winnipeg Rifles will help you get in and out of the lot safely as well as ensure you have a clear view of the state-of-the-art, HD screen.

In Conclusion

So, knowing how the community is well served, that profits are used to help local charities, and that you’re also helping young local amateur athletes, it should make you feel amazing about supporting this event on almost every level.


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