Music is BACK!

Music is back. There were a couple of live music shows over the weekend including Jamie and Sarah Buckboro, Frannie Klein, and more.

The rules and cleaning regiments might have changed, but Winnipeg’s passion for live music and good food has not.

While online live-stream and interactive events (like The Purple Room’s “Caravan Open Mic At Your Home” for instance) are still going strong, it seems like there has been a slight step towards that little sense of normalcy. Not that we know what “normal” is going to mean going forward…

“Did the boom-booms steal all your wordy-words?”

As the government loosens its regulations regarding venue and restaurant capacity, we’re noticing that foodies, music buffs, and the generally stir-crazy population seem to be embracing the changes.

Few groups are as elated as The Village Idiots, who have been rolling with the COVID-19 punches about as well as anyone. They are returning to their modus operandi with live performances such as their Tuesday open-mic at Sonix Bar & Grill, located at 423 McMillan Ave.

Head Idiot, Rylie Saunders, says that the format will be the same every week. “Always a featured set followed by open mic.”

Tuesday June 16th, the Sonix Open Mic features a set from Gary Gach, a local musician that makes his living by performing live.

Gach says this will be his first “real show”, meaning original acoustic music, since COVID-19 lockdowns began. He has had upwards of forty plus shows cancelled during that time. While Gach himself is holding strong and says he’s doing quite well, he did say that the scene’s abrupt halt has “definitely hurt the financial situation” and we imagine many musicians and artists are feeling that sentiment. “Just lost out on a lot of bookings.”

Gach plays his own solo shows, with an act called “GGB” which stands for ‘Gary Gach and the Banned’, as well as with local band Jivetown.

Jivetown’s “Northern Stars” Official Video

Gach also said “Honestly though, I’m not super worried about [COVID-19].” He explained that, “I hear they are wiping down mics,” adding, “but I prefer no disinfectant on my guitar strings, so hopefully people bring their own. Or Just clean their hands.”

Hopefully this can lead to a place where live shows can be as awesome as ever, regardless of the safety changes the industry needs to make.

Catch Gary Gach in action at Sonix Bar & Grill, and maybe even at a pub near you soon!

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