Black Lives Matter

We’ve been quiet

As a brand-new business on the internet, the urge to blast our messages and fill our social media channels is extremely strong. Right now, however, there is a revolution happening in the US and support has stretched worldwide.

The Black Lives Matter movement is in need of all the resources they can get, and filling the internet with our self-serving content takes attention away from this intensely important cause.

Here in Winnipeg, support for BLM is heavy. We at The WPG Magazine also wish to help. We stand as allies of the Black community and hope you will, too.

As a result of this wish to support, we have kept almost all our social media channels and the site free of distractions.

Be an ally

Being an ally for people of colour (and in this instance, Black people specifically) doesn’t mean standing on the sidelines. It means taking active positions to combat racism in its’ many forms. Sometimes racism is overt and in-your-face, while other times it’s subtle and nuanced. In any case, it must be sought out and shut down.

It can be extremely overwhelming trying to figure out where to begin, and this task is a daunting one. Tearing down a several-centuries-old system of oppression will take time, effort, and tons of support from anywhere and everywhere it can be found.

Get involved

We aren’t going to tell you how to help, but we would like to give you a few links to resources that may help you get started.

Anti-Racism For Beginners (
Why Rioting Makes Sense (via Trevor Noah)
Black Lives Matter Resources (via

If you live in Winnipeg and read this prior to June 5th’s Rally & March, you can participate! Check out the #Justice4BlackLivesWinnipeg Event.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.

We look forward to bringing you event news and more in the near future.

Mark Adam

Mark Adam is the Operations Manager for The WPG Magazine.

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