A thank you note from The WPG

Sometimes a thing happens and you can get so happy that words don’t seem like enough. This is one of those times.

The launch party last night was absolutely mind blowing. So many people supported the event, and more than that, it felt like the whole community supported me, specifically.

This project, The WPG Magazine, has been a labour of love. It has taken up a LOT of my time and energy since I first sat down and started building it. All of that seemed worth it after last night.

While we fell short of our goal to raise $2000 for Winnipeg Harvest, I’m still marking this as a success. We had great times, heard some great music, spoke with some wonderful humans, and we DID have over $600 worth of donations come through before the end of the bradcast. More donations are coming in this morning as well. 

I want to thank everyone who watched the stream, donated money or giveaway items, performed, and those who joined me on the stream. You people give me such faith that this project is going to go on to help the community it was created to help.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


FYI - I will be writing up a document with all the social media handles I can find for everyone involved with the launch party so you can follow them. We will build this community up even higher!

Mark Adam

Mark Adam is the Operations Manager for The WPG Magazine.

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