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Ep 006 – w/ guest Jamie Buckboro The Winterpeg Report

Winnipeg's own Jamie Buckboro joins Mark Adam on this week's episode of The Winterpeg Report. They talk about Buckboro's music, his family, and how he has survived the numerous lockdowns with his spirits more-or-less intact. Grab a beer and belch along with this one! The Winterpeg Report:
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  3. Ep 004 – w/ guest Drew Spades
  4. Ep 003 – w/ guest Rosalie Drysdale
  5. Ep 002 – w/ guest Jay Kilgour

This is The Winterpeg Report, a weekly podcast where we review the events of the past 7 days in the city Winnipeg, Manitoba and preview the Winnipeg events in the week to come.

Join us as we work very hard to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the wonderful art, music and more that Winnipeg has to offer.

This series will often feature special guests and giveaways, so make sure you subscribe right now.

There’s a ton of things we can do right here in the Peg, so let’s live life local.

Mark Adam

Mark Adam is the Operations Manager for The WPG Magazine.

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